Water Filtration

Pall’s Aria(SM) water treatment systems are designed and built to produce water of a quality that meets the most stringent standards for process and potability.

Designed for real life
  • • Long Service Life Membranes
  • • Low Cost, Automated Operation Built for Performance
  • • Maximum Flux and Recovery
  • • Minimum Waste

Site testing confirms Pall Aria(SM) Systems meet or exceed EPA and FDA standards for safe drinking and process water. Working to Remove Contamination The Aria(SM) system is a pressure driven process that uses a semi-permeable (porous) membrane to separate particulate matter from soluble components in the carrier fluid. The pore size of the membrane controls the fraction of the particulate matter that is removed. Membranes having a smaller pore size remove more of the very fine matter, such as silica, bacteria, and parasitic cysts.
Aria systems can be outfitted with either microfiltration or ultrafiltration membranes that retain particulate matter, while the fluid (e.g., water) and its soluble components pass through the membrane as filtrate, or filtered water. The retained solids, in concentrated form, are discharged from the membrane system as a waste stream.