Microbial Filtration

Cross flow Microfiltration Systems
The Micro flow XL-Brine systems are specifically designed to meet needs and requirements of brine purification in modern cheese plants. Clarification is achieved without the need for filter aids or centrifuge. The fully automated Micro flow system provides an environmentally friendly solution for longer brine life, with a reliable microbial stabilization which reduces the risk of cheese contamination from spoilage or pathogenic microorganisms during the brine salting process.

PVDF membranes with high mechanical strength for longer service life

• High area, high flow modules for more compact and more economical systems
• Back pulse capability for increased system productivity
• Hollow fiber membrane with 1.4 mm open channel for optimized cleaning
• Fully automated cycle programming for unattended operation and reduced labor and downtime
• Transparent module housing to confirm filtrate quality and enhance troubleshooting capabilities
• On board tanks, for easy cleaning, concentration and integration
• User friendly interface and automated chemical dosing for reliable operation